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    Upgrading from my ancient Intuos 2 pad/pen. HELP!


      Yes, it's been well over a decade since I upgraded from my Wacom Intuos 2 pen/pad, but I think I've finally worn the thing into the grave. It had served me well, so I didn't see need to get any new versions--until now.


      So my question is, what do you recommend as an upgraded improvement? There's newer models of the Intuos pad/pen and there's also Bamboo pad/pens. I'm an illustrator that colors my work in great detail exclusively on Phtotoshop so I'd love to get a pen/tablet that handles all daunting assignments. And because I'm an illustrator, I can't really afford a Cintiq tablet, so I guess an Intuos of Bamboo are my choices. Any suggestions?


      And I hope you don't mind if I toss in a second question. My ancient Intuos 2 pen still works so-so but it suddenly started delaying and I find I have to tap the pad with the pen to get the cursor to move in the area I want it to. Any solution to this? I installed the Intuos 2 driver again but nothing's changed. Yep, time for new tools, but until then, any solution?


      Thanks very, very much for any help in these two matters.