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    skin scrollbar with dynamic text from txt file

    Milko 0579
      argh.... im going mad!!!


      This is my website. Click on the ABOUT US link.

      Now, the text that scrolls is imported from an external txt file.


      loadText = new LoadVars();
      //creating the loadVarsText function
      loadText.onLoad = function() {
      scroller.htmlText = this.abouttext;

      through a DYNAMIC text field.

      The problem is the scrollbar.... its very ugly and I need to change the look. Just change the colours slightly and make it look more at home.
      Ive spent all day searching the net, ive followed various tutorials at KIRUPA and other places, but when skinning the scrollbar it just doesnt seem to work because of the dynamic/imported from txt file text.

      Any ideas?

      Here are my source files:

      if anyone can help I would be extreemly gratefull!