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    I need help to round corners PS CS6 and Windows 7

    skeeterz71xxx Level 1



      I have searched, watched videos, and more to try and figure out how to round the corners on my photo. I followed what instruction were available and still no luck. I will describe what I have done.


      Objective: Round corners on a 960 px x 250 px photo for a website. Radius 35 px. Photo already sized the way I need it. Background needs to be transparent saved in png 24 so nothing shows except the photo with rounded corners.


      Step one:


      I insert image into Photoshop




      Step two:


      Use rounded rectangle tool:




      Step 3:


      Move photo layer to the top of my rounded rectangle layer




      Step 4:


      Clip Alt+Enter line between the layers: I get nothing but the transparency.




      Step 5:


      Merge Visible. Still Nothing.




      Any help would be appreciated.