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    Minimize jQuery usage and Edge API itself




      Edge Animate project produces 4 default framework files right now: Edge API, jQuery, jQuery Easing and JSON. Gzipping them we got 60KB of pure JS compressed and minified code. After that we have actual project files which can be compressed into around 20KB but this really depends on a project. So finally we have around 80KB of JS code without images, styles yet. This is acceptable for broadband connections but looks a bit too large for mobile devices.


      Is there any way to minimize dependencies on jQuery so that framework will be at least 30KB? Smaller is better in this case.


      I'm evaluating Hype by Tumult at the same time and framework JS produced is 16KB compressed and minified. It's 4 times smaller (60KB of Edge Animate). It doesn't contain IE-compatibility though but I don't seriously care about IE 6-9 as mobile is primary target for me so Webkit.


      Thanks in advance.