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    Mysteries of iphone


      I have made a small and simple site web. It perfectly works. Even on iphone. But ... if you turn the iphone the menu doesn' work anymore!!! You see the buttons but if you click them you don't go in the right page. It seems it has lost every configuration of the menu. You have to touch somewhere (not on the right button) to find the right touch of button!!

      I tried on different iphone with the same result. I have installed even Firephox on the iphone. Nothing. Always the same problem.

      I did nothing special. The menu has simple commands: go to that label! Or: open that url. And it's linear and always in the same place. The only thing I made is to group all the buttons.

      What happen? Can someone help me to resolve this mystery?

      This is the link of the website: http://www.revolutionart.it/giglio2/