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    Creating a CQ template by html designers.


      Hi CQ professionals,


      By following CQ documentation, creating a template seems like very tricky for a non-programmer to do.

      You have to access into CRXDE LITE

      to put a file under template folder,

      tweeking properties to point a jsp file,

      and finally add htmls in that jsp file.


      Is there any layer that a html designers can put their code  instead of doing it in CRXDE? - something like WCM's drag and drop type of GUI interface?

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          orotas Level 4

          There is no out of the box solution for this, out of the box CRXDE or CRXDE Lite is the only approach.


          There are custom solutions that you could attempt involving adding another templating engine, but most of my clients tend to adopt CRXDE. If you create a good global template that abstracts the functionality from presentation it is fairly easy to create a templating structure that people familar with HTML can work with.