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      Are there any OCR tools or 3rd party services that can work with CF (or PHP or some other language, if needed), and ideally work at a shared CF host? Thus not using CFEXECUTE. I will be having some simple images that need to be read and translated. Nothing fancy.

      I have searched all over but not found anything. If anyone knows that there is nothing feasible, this is helpful too so I'll have more info to send back to the client. Thank you.
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          Not that I know of, but it has been several years since I looked into
          OCR. At the time, I came to conclusion that OCR was very much you get
          what you pay for, and for anything decent you would need to pay real
          money. When one is talking about this kind of money, one is usually not
          to concerned about a few hundred dollars a year to not be on shared hosting.

          But I look forward to reading any other responses that my enlighten me
          to the changes since the turn of the century.