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    InDesign upgrade from CS3


      I bought an InDesign upgrade from a major UK supplier with part number 65161132. Of the two InDesign upgrades available this is the expensive option. It is sold as the "InDesign CS3/CS4/CS5 upgrade."


      I bought it on Jan 1st and finally got it today as although it was shown as in stock when I ordered it I then had to wait as it was out of stock and had to be fulfilled direct from Adobe UK.


      On looking at the box I was dismayed to see it's only for Adobe CS5 users. I spent 90 minutes dealing with a clueless Adobe representative (via online chat) who struggled to understand English and it transpired that there was a cut-off of 31st Dec for older users - one day before my purchase and as such I was unable to use the upgrade.


      I have been a user since version 1.5 - almost thirteen years of using licensed InDesign programs and I this is the treatment I get. Who do I complain to at Adobe?