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    Dark prints


      I am getting consistently dark prints with my brand new Epson R3000 printing through PSE 10.  I've done all the stuff I'm supposed to do - checked nozzels, adjusted alignment, let printer manage color, let PSE manage color, etc.  I've chosen the correct media - tried several types of media.  The pictures are all dark, muddy, and flat.  Any suggestions? 

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          Pete.Green Adobe Employee

          Are you on a Mac or Windows?

          You could try downloading the latest driver for your Epson printer and make sure you have the latest from their website.


          You could also try calibrating your monitor profile as well as this could be displaying the images brighter than they really are.


          To calibrate on a Mac: System Preferences > Display > Color > Calibrate

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            JMHRisser Level 1

            I am in windows.


            The printer is new – I’ve already downloaded the latest drivers.


            I can try mucking with calibrating my monitor but the pictures print just like the monitor on the Canon i9900 – so…


            I’m at a loss.  Do you think that Photo shop creative suite would do better than elements?




            Jan Risser - 503.255.0150

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              stephaniemartel Level 1


              I am having the same issues and I'm at the end of my rope!!  Did you ever figure it out?


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                I am also having dark print problems.

                Windows 7    Epson XP860    Photoshop elements 9

                Image printed using windows photo viewer prints fine.

                Same image printed using elements prints way too dark.

                This tells me it isn't a monitor calibration problem or am I wrong.

                I have checked settings and turned monitor brightness down.

                I am sure the image is not underdeveloped.

                and it brings me back to same question why the same hardware prints fine through windows pic viewer but elements stuffs it up!!!!!!!!

                I have spent countless hours searching for a solution also lots of ink and paper wasted.

                Adobe support is non existent!

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                  Roman Fyseek

                  I went with a hardware profiling solution and couldn't be happier. I bought the ColorMunki print.


                  Turning off the printer profile wasn't as easy as I'd hoped but I eventually found it. In Windows 7 and higher (it may be the case in other versions), type color management in the run/search bar. You'll end up looking at a color management tab for your monitor(s). Click the drop down and select your printer. Check the box for managing your own profile and remove anything that shows up in the box.


                  Run the profiling software and patiently wait for the ink to dry. Also, when you run the gadget up the paper color trails, after you come off the top of the stack, shift the gadget to your left before letting go of the button. (This will all make sense once you have the thing in your hands)