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    Applescript quick way to change overprints or group object by fill color

    mcs_dean Level 1

      Anyone have any suggestions on how to group by fill color or turn overprints off/on by color. I am getting every path item by fill color and its taking longer then flipping to the ai interface and selecting the group to change it. Am i missing the obvious? Id like to do it by fill color and it takes almost a minute to search through 4000 paths for one color then I have to do it all over again for the next. I thought you could do it by spot properties but Ive speant a few days too long struggling with this one.


      I have tried looping thru colors and then finding all the paths and page items filled with that color to change overprint and group/select objects as well as this


      set myitems to every path item of myLAYER whose (name of spot of fill color contains "whatever")


      Any help would be appreciated.