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    PS CS6: Images sometimes not saved when using Close All and instructed to save

    TheCraigist81 Level 1

      I thought I had made a crazy mistake when this happened earlier today, but it just did it again and I was paying close attention. 


      I often open multiple images to make several changes, then use Close All and when it prompts "Do you want to save changes to ... before closing?" I check off the box to "Apply to all" and say Yes.   This saves lots of time when adjusting several multi-hundred MB images.  Imagine my surprise today when it closed an image without saving!  I had to repeat about 30 minutes of work as a result. 


      I thought I had somehow accidentally clicked "No" to saving, so I made sure to pay close attention the next few times I used Close All to save work.  It worked fine until a moment ago when it did it again.


      Has anyone seen something like this?  I can't find anything in searching.  In all my time using this feature in PS I never once had a problem before.