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    Robohelp PDF issues


      Hello All,


      I am using Robohelp 9 to generate PDF output. I have used used List Styles

      extensively in my project.However, when I generate PDF output list styles

      are not getting aligned properly.


      Please assist.



      Panendra P.

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          Peter Grainge Ninja

          Was the project first created in Rh9 or is it an upgrade from an earlier version? I ask as there was an issue with lists on first upgrading to Rh8 or higher. That is described on my site.


          Have you checked that you get the same if you output to Word first?


          Aligning lists when generating printed documentation has always been a problem. Multilevel lists seem to align better. Also see the Printed Documentation pages on my site.


          Post back if you cannot resolve this.


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            Panendrap Newcomer

            Thanks for the reply.


            Below are my responses:


            1. The project is first created  in RH 9.0
            2. I have checked the Word output before generating the PDF output.

            3. Even after creating the multi level list, I am not getting the proper alignments in my PDF output



            Panendra P.

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              Peter Grainge Ninja

              Then we need you to add some screenshots of what you get in OLH and what you get in Word with comment on the discrepancies.. You will need to reply via the web interface and use the camera icon that you will see when creating your reply.


              See www.grainge.org for RoboHelp and Authoring tips