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    Best practices for Full fledged CQ5 Development environment


      Hi All,


      I  am working on CQ5.5. The following environemnt we areusing for development.


      CRXDELite < - >  Eclipse Java Content Repository Perspective < - > VLT Check-in/Check out <-> J2EE Perspective <-> SVN


      CRXDELite, Eclipse Java Content Repository Perspective  ----> component/template creation (mainly jsp coding)

      J2EE Perspective  ----> Java servlet coding (mainly java coding)

      VLT Check-in/Check out  ----> For moving the data from/to J2EE Perspsective from/to CRXDELite

      SVN  -----> Versioning from J2EE Perspective


      is there any other possible way for a full fledged development environment using eclipse?


      If you are using any other pluging/best prctices kindly let know.


      It will be really helpful.



      Raja R