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    workaround around FileReference limitation

    cicnats Level 1
      I have the following problem:

      I am uploading a file using FileReference and as far as I can find, it doesn't let you send any additional post variables, you can only send get variables by manually appending them to the recieving .php file's url.
      The problem is, that this apparently means that no post headers that are otherwise sent automatically while running the flash from a browser, like cookies, are sent either. Which means that you get no session information on the php side.

      Now.. I must have session information on the php side.. Especially since the php guy's response to my explaining that I can send headers with LoadVars but am uploading with FileReference and that the two don't have the same methods.. was "I don't care how you do it, just send me the session info! If you can send headers you can send post variables!"

      So now.. is there any way to do this? Can I somehow pipe the FileReference through LoadVars, so I can have both file upload and control over http headers? Since the uploaded file is sent by post, I am wondering if If I can somehow manually post the file... beats me how, though.

      Or is there some other way?