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    Premier/After Effects video editing computer


      Hi all,


      Firstly I apologise if this is in the wrong section.


      I'm building an editing computer. I primarily do short films. Using a 60d atm. I'll be using either cs5 or cs6 and maybe some maxon c4d for cgi.


      Here are the components I'm thinning of getting. I have questions about them.


      CPU- i7 3930k (I know the 3930k obviously has 6 cores and the 3770k only has 4, but just wondering if the editing process in after effects and premier is noticeably faster with the 3930k. I'm not concerned about actual render time, but I don't want lag when editing and scrolling through the preview when I have a long hd video with a large number of effects layers.)


      Motherboard- Asrock extreme x79 (provided I get the 3930k)


      Ram- 32gb corsair vengeance ddr3


      VGA- 2gb gtx 660ti


      Hard disk- 2tb sata3


      They're the most important parts anyway. Also is it worth getting an ssd? I'm on a budget so if I do get an ssd it will only be able to be around 120gb.  I don't care about windows 7 booting up slowly, so basically I'd only get an ssd if there is a noticeable difference in premier and after effects performance if they're on it.


      Thanks guys, any advice is greatly appreciated.



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          Harm Millaard Level 7



          Sometimes I feel like I'm preaching to the choir, repeating what I have said so often. but a lot of your questions have been answered many times and you can (relatively) easy find most of them in the FAQ section.


          The CPU is good (i7-3930K) and way better than the i7-3770K, not only because of the 6 cores versus 4 cores, the bigger L3 cache, but most importantly because of the platform. The 1155 platform is EOL, has only 16 PCIe lanes and limits future expansion. The 2011 platform is much more future-proof with 40 PCIe lanes.


          AsRock is not a popular choice here, most swear by Asus or Gigabyte. That does not mean AsRock is bad, it only means that it is not 'ín-vogue'. If you look at the PPBM5 Benchmark Results you will see only 3 AsRock motherboards among the 1124 entries, and all of them are AMD CPU systems.


          Here is a link to memory usage on the 2011 platform: What memory to get for my system?


          The video card is good, but if budget allows, opt for the 3 GB version. It allows for more complex timelines and the use of 4K material, better than the 2 GB version.


          A 120 GB SSD is more than enough for OS & programs. It will improve boot times and startup times. Look at Corsair Neutron GTX, Kingston HyperX, Plextor M5 Pro and Samsung 840 Pro.


          The main problem I have with your description is you only mention a single disk. For practical editing use, three disks are about the minimum. See the following links:


          Adobe Forums: Generic Guideline for Disk Setup

          Adobe Forums: What PC to build? An update...

          Planning / building a new system. Part 1

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            nhfilms Level 1

            Hi Harm,


            Thanks for the reply. Sorry for making you repeat yourself, I did do some research but I seemed to get mixed views in regards to the two CPUs. Some saying the 3770k was far better value for money, which was what prompted me to rethink about going straight for the 3930k.


            I know the 3930k is obviously a better CPU. But what my main concern is, is how much better it is in terms of speed when doing vfx in program's such as after effects. If the 3770k will cope with HD videos layered with numbers of effects and 3d elements from cinema 4d, then I'll go straight for it. Like I said before, I'm not concerned too much about actual render time, I just want the program to be fast and fluid when I'm using it.


            Future proof is also not really a big one for me. I'm still in high school, when I Finnish and have the money, then I'll be looking at shooting 4k. I'd be wanting to build another computer then, with hopefully far greater components.



            I see what you mean about the disk. So would say, 3 500gb disks be a more sensible option than one 2tb?



            Thanks again,


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              ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

              VFX/AE type applications performance are based on CPU threading and ram. The 3930K has far better performance with those applications than the Quad Cores. They also have more cache which increases the realtime load ceiling.