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    How to change the server-agent value

    Karthik Reddy Guda

      Hi Everyone ,


      We are facing a small challenge in our project and we don’t want a code change right now for the fix (A code change can definitely solve the issue).

      Let us know if any way we can achieve the below requirement.


      We use to track the request that comes thru dispatcher by checking the request header (“server-agent”)  value.

      And as you know the server-agent value = “Communique-Dispatcher” is added by the dispatcher in the request header.

      And if we directly hit the publishing instance we get the server-agent value as null


      Based on the above logic we have some conditions to execute (logic related to link rewriting) and if perfectly works in apache-dispatcher-publishing .

      Now we are putting dispatcher in front of the Authoring and we don’t want that link rewriting logic to get executed.

      The shortest way is to change the code and one more condition to check Sling run mode , but right now we are not interested for a release cycle.

      But if we can make a configuration change in dispatcher level so that it will not add “Communique-Dispatcher” value in the server-agent will solve our issue without a single line of code change.


      Is there any way to do that ?? I mean can any one point us the exact place with a small configuration snippet to make the server-agent value null in Dispatcher.