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    Are selfmade DNG profiles referred to the cameras serial nr. (et al.)?

    Marius König Level 1

      Need a quick help, because I'm just writing an article about the DNG profile editor...


      When I make my own DNG profile with the DNG PE, is this profile referred to the cameras serial#? If you have more than one camera of the same model, you should be able to make a separate profile for every body. If you have different profiles for different cameras of the same model - are the right profiles automatically referred to the corresponding camera in ACR? Or do I have to use different profile names to select them manually?


      When I have assigned the different profiles to the corresponding cameras in ACR and I fix this as a standard ("Save new camera raw standard"), will the right profiles be assigned correctly by ACR from now on? Only if "Align standards at the cameras serial number" in the ACRs settings is active? (Sorry, I don't know the correct option names in english, because I only have the german version of PS...)


      Unfortunately I can't try this by myself, because I own some digital cameras, but not two of the same model... :-(


      Is there anybody who knows this? Or is there an owner of "camera tweens" who can figure this out for me?


      Another question: If I have already made a camera calibration with ACR (modified the red, green and blue primaries), can I transfer these values (without change) to the DNG profile editor to save and use this calibration as a profile? (I know I have to set the calibration to 0 in ACR in this case, because instead it is applied twice.) My question is: Do same values of the calibration in ACR and PE produce exactly the same result?


      I just tried this: It is not the case. Why not? I compared the two results with the difference-mode, they are not exactly equal (differences up to six 8-bit integer values).


      What about the "Hue (dark tones)" slider in ACRs camera calibration? Why is it missing in the PEs Color Matrices window?


      Thx a lot for your answers