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    PP CS6 crash when copy a sequence


      I work sequence by sequence before putting them together. To do that I open sequence after sequence, select  all tracks - copy and paste in the main sequence (I need to have all tracks in detail in the main seq before putting music and mixing).

      It worked fine until a few days ago when PP starts crashing when I copy (ctrl c). I made sure the media cache file has enough available memory. PP doesn't crash when I copy only one track at a time (but it's a hell of a work with 10 seq and 10 tracks each). Windows events list shows error with "Blackend.dll" but I'm not 100% sure it's related to this crash.

      I run W7 64b 8GB cache. PP apps are on C: with 110 GB free; data and work files on external with 486 GB free.

      I never had this before with CS4 and 5.

      Thanks for your help.