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    Illustrator CS6 - Converting to a 1 Colour Job


      I currently use Illustrator CS3 to process an SVG file into an EPS file via a particular method - I'm having a problem duplicating the results using CS6 and suspect it is to do with the Pantone + issue. If anyone could shed any light on this I would be most grateful. Here's the thing:


      The SVG vector file originates from custom online-based code. The vector in question has maximum and minimum ink density information coded into it and these change from job to job. The SVG opens up as an RGB vector in Illustrator with numerous shades of grey as different colours. To convert this to a 1 colour job and regain the desired ink density information in CS3 I do this:


      Select all. Edit / Edit colours / Recolour with Preset / 1 colour job. Then I choose the Pantone Solid Coated library. In this dialogue box I select 'Tint' as the mode for the colour adjustment sliders, and input the maximum ink density information for the file. I then click OK and hey presto, the vector is now a single spot colour with the ink density information faithfully correct as per the data input to make the original SVG file, created online. For example, if the max and min ink density info was 30% and 10%, the vector file now has exactly that.


      (At this stage it doesn't matter what spot colour it is, just that it is 1 spot colour and the info is correct).


      Problem is with CS6, when I input 30% and click OK, the resulting vector has a maximum of 100% and a minimum of 40% - nothing like what I've asked of it. The only difference I can see is that CS6 uses Pantone +, and CS3 Pantone. I've already tried adding the old Pantone solid coated.acb file into CS6 Presets and accessing that library, but still the same problem. Why is it doing this? What am I missing?


      For now I'll stick with CS3, but any insight or clarification would be a great help. Many thanks.

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          John Danek Level 4

          Try contacting Pantone.com/support and asking this question there.  I am sorry, but I have no answers for you.  I'd also try contacting adobe.com/support and ask them the same question.  I find it troubling that so many users are having workflow setbacks using CS6.  Let me know if you get an answer, I'm interested to learn why adobe has created such a nightmare.