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    flash the multicast publish how to upload only 1x bandwith, I test will upload 2x ~ 3x

    kahsbnxasxwasx Level 1

      the client only have 1x bandwith,first i Unicast to fms then fms multicast publish,but when bandwith fluctuation, the video will not recovers and the delay Increase with time when i publish 1 hour ,the delay is  Growth to 1 minute.when i publish 10 hour ,the delay is  Growth to 10 minute!.

      BUT fmle is not have these two problems.(I test examples is FMS installation files in applications/multicast.)


      I test flash Direct publish to the group and also not have these two problems. but publish flash will upload 2x ~ 3x bandwith, i can creation of multiple nodes in the server. how to limit flash upload only 1x bandwith.