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    How to do a “deep” / full copy of a nested sequence in Premiere Pro CS6? copy constituent components


      I created a title sequence: title, with glow/fade in then fade out and made this into a nested sequence. I wanted to reuse this nested sequence in other parts of my project, but use different text content for the title in each of the other instances.


      So, I copied the nested sequence several times. But when I changed the title to different text, this affected all of the nested sequence copies. So it seems that the copy creates a new 'container' but references the same components (e.g. title) as the original.


      So I'm looking for a way to entirely copy a nested sequence and make duplicates of all the consituent components. Is there a way?


      By the way, there seem to be three different ways to make a copy: from the contextual pop-up menu for a sequence there is 'Copy', 'Duplicate' and another method (name escapes me at the moment). I've tried all three and none of them solve my problem. I'm hoping that there is a check box somewhere that I can tick/enable to say 'copy all components'.