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    Trouble with getting Animations to reset and remain active




      Could really use some help from anybody.

      I have some rollover animations for fades on a page i am working on. On click I have it set to animate a full size picture to drop to fill the screen. Upon pressing the button to reverse the image drop in and return you to the original page, the rollover animations on the original page no longer function.

      I do not know why or how to fix this. I don't see any reason for the drop in image animation to affect the prior they have no cross-over.


      The animations at work are:

      Fade-out on rollover(self) --> the ones that are not functioning after drop in image

      Fly in Image - On click - The same element as above is used also as a button set for this on-click animation

      Reverse Fly In Image - On Click - Separate Button designated to reverse the Fly in Image and return to the previous page