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    Error InDesign CS4 install on Windows 8 - missing files




      I installed Adobe CS4 on Windows 8, but InDesign CS 4, after it had been installed as well, gave an error message during install on a splash.install screen, saying something like "Install error, missing files may make your indesign miss files and features". NO other program in CS4 suite gave such an error message during or after install.


      All other CS 4 programs worked fine to install. Indesign CS4 was also installed, but here comes my question(-s):


      Does anyone know which files missing it is that goes missing after installed on WIndows 8?

      And if so, are they vital.



      And are they possible to install separately?





      Ps. for the record, no upgrade to CS6 is possible for the moment. So I can only use CS4, legal copy, at home computer (windows 8) and new upgrades/releases on work computer. So please, I am sorry but any recomendations to upgrade wont help me much.



      I know I might have to install Virtualbox by Oracle, and install CS4 on that one instead, but first like to try it work on Windows 8.



      Big thanks in advance! :-D