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    Using Director to make Secure applications

    Grayhem Level 1
      I have never used Director, but am considering it - if it will meet the requirements of my project.

      I need to create a secure "desktop environment" with a set number of buttons/icons that can launch other applications,games,internet explorer, power point presentations etc etc - this environment cannot be 'quit' by the general public user, no matter what buttons on the keyboard they use ( ie the start button, control-alt-delete etc) - the only way out of this environment would be, say, to press three 'known' buttons together, then type in a password to quit (thus gaining administrative access)

      Also, if director IS the software for this job, would this type of application be tackled by only an advanced user, or is this easy stuff? ( I have experience in building Flash, but not highly advanced stuff, with long mathematical actionscript - rather more used to the 'straitforward' use of flash, with very simple actions)