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    HELP! Does anyone know what to do when you get "Error Code 2" when you are saving a document?

    Trisha - SterlingEd

      I worked for HOURS, and at the end saved a few pages of my booklet as a pdf doc. BUT, for some reason this time the pdf never showed up! I checked the background tasks and it said "Saving pdf - 32%". Since it was taking so long, i left it overnight hoping it would finish on its own. This morning it says the same thing.


      The problem now, is Indesign is frozen (Not Responding) and my Task Manager won't bring it up. I copied the file so there's a backup but the file was last saved at 10:45pm last nite - so likely it is the corrupt file.


      I've read the other forums & troubleshooting pages on this topic but there are no suggestions on what to do when your program is Not Responding. So I figured I'd ask here!


      Any suggestions on what to do next without losing all my work?


      THANKS  :-|