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    How can I make a button that will work on iPads? (animate only on Mousedown)


      I am making an interactive page in Adobe Edge Animate. It will double as a low-mem website and also as an iPad page and is part of a larger flash website which is highly animated.


      This website sports two kinds of buttons; the ones linking to a label in the timeline and the ones linking to a URL.


      The problem is that I do not want the buttons to work on mouseover because that will be completely useless on iPads and similar devices. That is why I want the thing to animate on mousedown.


      What I did initially was to load the on and off states of the button to my timeline and made them into a symbol, after that I made two labels inside of that symbol; one for the on state and one for the off state. Below the first label there is a "sym.stop("ONstate");" action  and then my off-state button graphic has a mousedown "sym.stop("skipON");" action. Then comes the tricky part, I wanted to reference the label on which it should land in a onclick action on a root level. It didn't work at all. I used "_root.stop("label");". As you can see my programming abilities are extremely poor, I'm a graphics guy.


      Next, I decided to leave the mousedown action inside the symbol and do the onclick action on the main timeline, which did work for the most part, however it behaved weirdly. First off, the mousedown action worked perfectly, but not at the same time with the onclick action; You would click on the mousedown thing and it would stop on the frame and then you would need to click it a second time to go to the label.


      There must be either something  I'm doing wrong or this function is not supported by the Edge Animate beta. But my programming abilities are so poor to pinpoint the real cause of the problem.


      Can anyone help me please?