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    BC and Muse

    MartinCatCollins Level 1

      Hello all.


      I have just been looking at the latest update to Adobe Muse and I cannot deny that I was really impressed with some of it’s new features such as mobile intergration. Anyway it got me wondering when or if Muse could be used along with BC and we will get to the stage where we can create full solutions such as online stores, incontect editing for clients etc.


      The freedom and pace at which you can design with Muse coupled with BC’s professional back end could be a winning combination


      I would like to hear your thoughts on this




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          Liam Dilley Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi Martin, To properly develop things such as eCommerce requires a lot of scripting knowledge, CSS, HTML and proper web design to not only make them sing but proper knowlege of UX, UI, Web design, web standards etc is really needed and things like Muse will never allow you to properly develop sites such as those properly.

          IT may have the very basic essense features down the line but Muse wont be a tool to develop proper full rich websites. That is for you to do.
          Treat Muse as a transition into web desgin and development to grab the basics.


          With all the new features coming to BC this year alone, Muse really is baby steps more then anything.

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            MartinCatCollins Level 1

            Hi Liam. Yep I think your right, but it’s a shame in some ways as I was watching a video yesterday of the new mobile features that Muse has to offer and in this video the teacher created more in 10 minutes than I could do in several hours within Dreamweaver.


            Oh well, best I improve in Dreamweaver or is Muse a glimpse into web design of tomorrow?




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              Liam Dilley Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Well, I seen that too. And no.

              I can do better in the same time knowing everything well. And more in a bit more time but even much better.

              The way Muse works and how you create sites and what that actually means for a business client that would try to manage a site and for you to develop and improve on it, it actually makes more of a mess of things, takes you more then twice as long to produce things and not be able to do it to what you can do knowing eveyrthing and not using Muse.

              In the long run Muse will harm what you want to do to build websites.

              If you treat it as a stepping stone to learn web development and design - it a good start. If you treat it as your tool to build websites and sell them, your going to get screweed.


              Muse is not the 1st, 2nd or 3rd attempt at that by Adobe. It basically is similar to other things they have developed under differnet names. What Muse has over these though is BC to actually have a means to publish a working site over those other tools. That makes it a bit different a little more viable but it is basically front page still.


              I have said this many times but think about a house.


              A really nice house can be built by an good archetect who also respects and understands not only to design a house but what it will take to build a site and works hand in hand with the builder and his team to create an awesome site.

              With things like google and all the awesome tools that do amazing things you can buy now you and me together can build a house.

              How will that shape up from foundations, to pumbing etc compared to the other guys though. Even with our ideas and best intentions.
              Without knowing the materials to use, the tricks and tips, the proper skills and other things that they do.... It is not going to be that good hey.


              And it does not mean it takes 10 times as long, at first it may do but the benifits are massive and what you think you can do with BC VS what with a bit of know how you can do with BC!

              It can be heaps better and its got a few places to go yet but it is really good in heaps of ways!


              And you do not have to use DW. I use Coda 2 to build BC sites, LOVE IT! it does not have the plugins to do the DW stuff with BC which are nice, but if you saw how long it takes me to do things VS another perosn with DW I would be faster vs many.

              Not down to some devine skill but just knowing.


              I have learnt BC in 4/5 years which is less then others and its just getting stuck in that is the key for me. You may see people ask on these forums "What will happen if this and this" And wait days for a response from someone.

              I never say it to people but why not try it. 5 mins prototype something, try something, play, mess, see what happens and you learn. I love messing.
              I have done heaps of not possible things in BC.

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                Ecommerce through BC may not be in the works, but I've had great success with Ecwid! I'm no good with code, so Muse has been a great fit for me.  However for my business I do need a fully integrated shopping cart.  Ecwid has fit the bill.  I can use my existing Muse-created website AND do ecommerce.  Check out my site: www.atticlightstudios.com