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    Windows shuts down Premier Elements 9 randomly


      I have a more than adequate Windows 7 based computer.  My hard drive died before Christmas and I had to reinstall the software.  I created a new project with captured video and added some background music.  Did not save often unfortunately and lost it all when windows shut down the program.  Recreated it from scratch, saving often and still had occasional shut downs while creating the project.  It's only about a 30min video with some added sound tracks and a few title screens.  Now, when trying to make a DVD, it gets through Encoding 4 Menus and will begin encoding media.  Sometimes makes it 7% sometimes 80% and then windows message says program has stopped working, shutting down.  I see progress bar was still moving just seconds before the shutdown.  Tried to convert to an MPEG and save on my computer instead and got the same shutdown notice.  I just saw the FFDShow codec note and have not checked to see if that is on my computer or not.  Would deleting this folder potentially solve this?  Forgot to mention, Premier Elements is on non partitioned C drive with 100+GIG free space, save location is on a partitioned drive F with 300+GIG free space.