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    InDesign doesn't import .xlsx correctly. Any idea is welcome!


      Hi, I have the following problem: when importing .xlsx with cells that contain text as a result of a formula, the cell is empty when imported as "unformatted table". When imported as "formatted table", the content of the cells is there. "Regular" text cells (no formula) are imported correctly as "unformatted". Cells including numbers as a result of a formula are imported correctly anyway.


      Saving the .xlsx as .xls is not an option, I get the file from a customer who surely won't do so;-) Importing as "formatted table" is a bad option, because the tables are formatted via SmartStyles by me and updated by the customer several times during production process. Any other idea is appreciated! Thank you.


      Tested on different Macs with ID CS5 / 5.5 / 6 and .xlsx from Mac and PC.

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          +1 Im experiencing the same problem.


          Indesign CS6 Version 8.0

          Excel 2010. Version 14.0.6112.50000 (64 bit)


          A workaround im using for now is a macro button that copies the "values only" to another worksheet in excel i labeled "indesign". that way i have all the output i require in text only format. (All i have to do now is wait for the day i forget to run the macro and use outdated data in my indesign file. )

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            Mike_Edel Level 1

            Exact same problem over here on Windows.

            Windows 7 64 bit SP1

            Excel 2010 32 bit

            As soon as I save as XLS it works but that breaks our workflow and is potentially unsafe (if somebody uses a 2010 only feature you will probably even lose data)


            Just reported it as a bug.


            Given that the "-1 doesn't import from xlsx" problem is also still not fixed (since CS4!) I'm wondering whether Adobe really wants to support the format. Trouble is, most people will have switched to 2010 or 2013 by now...