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    Help! CS6 not holding preferences

    BPI_Jan Level 1

      I have CS6 8.0.1 running on an iMac with OSX 10.8.2. We just bought both the iMac and CS6 about a month or so ago and ever since then I haven't been able to get CS6 to keep the preference when I shut down my system for the weekend or if InDesign crashes. It keeps my personal work spaces but every Monday morning I have to go into my preferences panel and put everything back to where I want it (units of measure, bleed prefs, spell check etc..). I have been setting my prefs just like on older versions of CS but to no avail and haven't noticed anything wierd happening with Photoshop or Illustrator just seems to be InDesign.

      Also, several times I have even had to go back and enter my serial key just to get it to open. I haven't had to do this with any other CS6 program - just InDesign.


      This is the only version of CS that I have on this machine (seeing how it's new). I also run an older G5 that has all previous versions of CS (except 5 or 5.5 - we have an older iMac for those versions). I also run CS5 for my home version and have not had any problems with it.......... Help...... I have looked around online and can't really find anything that deals with this issue. Any help would be great.

      Have a blessed day.