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    AVI file incomplete on import to Premiere Pro CS5


      For the past week I have been working with video content created in Camtasia and exported out of Camtasia Studio as AVI files using the Camtasia codec (TechSmith Screen Capture Codec). I then import the footage into Premiere Pro CS5 where I combine it with other elements. I had no problems with this until yesterday when I attempted to import an 18 minute long video created in Camtasia. The video exported fine and I am able to play it in full using Windows Media Player, but when I import it into Premiere, the video is only 2 minutes 38 seconds long (the first 2:38). I have attempted to re-export the video out of Camtasia Studio and attempted to re-import the footage into Premiere several times now, but the result is always the same. Premiere will only import the first 2:38.


      I am on a PC running Windows 7 and Premiere Pro CS5. Not sure what other info might be helpful. Any insights would be greatly appreciated.