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    install CS Extension Builder

    François (ubisoft)

      I have issue installing CS Extension Builder 2.0 trial with FB 4.7 trial


      The FB got installed in french though, so I'll try to translate the FB menu as much as I can.


      - Download CS Extension Builder 2.0

      - Unzip it in D: drive

      - open FB

      - Help

      - Install new software

      - Add

      - Name : Extension Builder

      - Location -> click on local browse to the folder

      - FB set the path as file:/D:/CSExtensionBuilder_2_Trial_LS1/


      then I select "Extension Buidler" (site) in the dropdown menu. A red cross before the dropdown appear and says "path must be absolute". It doesn't find anything to install.


      I don't know what I'm doing wrong.