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    DPX Framerate change, without losing my cuts?


      Hello all, this is my delima...


      I have a finished project made of DPX files that were a completed film when I imported them into Premiere Pro.

      I went in and cut all the clips on the cut points, so now each cut in the film is separate on the timeline.

      (This was all done at 29.97fps, and the sequence in which it lies was made accordingly)

      Lo and behold, it needs to be in 23.976.


      I tried making a 23.976 sequence and copying and pasting the clips into that sequence with success, save for loads (roughly 60%) of cuts are separated by less than 1 frame.

      I also tried changing the framerate in "interpret footage" and the clips shifted but now my cuts are in the wrong places.


      Also, I have audio which is in 23.976 which I need to sync with the video.


      Can I simply export it as 23.976 and if not, what's the fastest way to preserve all my cuts and have the film exported as 23.976?