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    Definitive answer on PP CS6 and SLI needed.


      Howdy gang...


      I'll be building a computer to run Premiere Pro and was curious about SLI capabilities. So, I did a Google search and found conflicting advice from this forum (and others) about the topic. As it seems I cannot contact Adobe directly, I'll try it here (although others have apparently tried to find the answer previously).


      I have GTX 570 that I removed from my gaming box after replacing it with a 670. From what I gather, the 570 is a nice card to use with PP. I thought I might add a second 570 if the improvement in performance was worthwhile. The best answer I've found on the SLI question was this one (thanks to the original author on a different forum): Premiere pro cs6 can use only one gpu for all the cuda stuff but the other gpu will not just be wasted.... it will be used for stuff such as display scaling , color space conversion etc


      He/she goes on to say the following:  After effects otoh will take advantage of both gpus....


      So, it appears to me that a second card would not be entirely wasted in PP CS6 and that it would definitely be to my advantage if I was to also use After Effects. Fair assumption?