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    Camera Raw 7.3 bad at multicore usage


      Has anybody else noticed? But with the 7.3 update my quad core is suddenly down to 60 % CPU useage total, with 7.2 it was a 100 % and therefore faster processing of raw files. (Zenbook with i7 quadcore)


      On  my main machine I am still struggling with the time acr needs to open an nef file from D800, takes about 8-10 secs (from the raw file preview to actually open in photoshop cs6)  thats is a Xeon core 6 (12 virtual cores) with 24 g of ram and SSD`s

      But the cores are not used all, and so the total cpu use is also about 50-60 %


      The older Cs5 and acr is faster on d800 nef files on both machines due to less corrections done in acr.


      Any idea how to go to the ACR 7.2 back?