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    No CUDA enabled with new Quadro 4000


      I just installed a Quadro 4000 (for Mac) in my MacPro 4,1 Quad Core Xeon, 12GB RAM, running Lion 10.7.5.

      Updated drivers - both Nvidia and CUDA, but have no CUDA GPU accelaration in Premiere Pro.

      The card is functioning as a video card, but I have no CUDA.



      I've tried the Terminal command line and it says:

      --- GPU Computation Info ---

      Found 1 devices supporting GPU computation.

      OpenCL Device 0 -

      Name: Quadro 4000

      Capability: 1.1

      Driver: 1.1

      Total Video Memory: 2048MB

      Not chosen because it did not match the named list of cards

      Running the utility app "CUDA-Z" confirms that "CUDA not found!"

      Can anyone help me? The whole reason I got this was for CUDA GPU acceleration.

      I've even tried rolling back drivers to older, non-Mountain Lion versions with no success.

      Thanks so much!