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    Canon XF Media Issue is a Killer

    BigBrennan Level 1

      Hey all,


      Trying to edit with XF media captured on a Canon C300.  Having a major issue with Adobe Premiere CS6 that has persisted across multiple computers, multiple operating systems, multiple editors, and multiple installs of CS6.  Basically media browser is refusing to read Canon XF media properly.  When reading off of the card directly, or when navigating to the folder once it's copied locally, we can't seem to get Adobe to acknowledge that the directory is a Canon XF directory, the only option we're getting is to view the folder as a file directory.  Yes the files and folder structures were copied properly.


      So here's the real fly in the ointment.  We can still import the individual MXF files and they play fine in Premiere, but when a clip is spanned there are some major issues.  Audio drops out of sync, editing with the spanned files breaks shots in the timeline, just really strange stuff.


      Contacted adobe twice now and they don't have a solution.  I'd roll back to CS5, but I'm on a new machine now and I'm not sure how to get an older version of premiere installed on my system without an install disc.


      Any help out there?



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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There is a known CS6 Issue/Bug with MXF http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1074489 - at least according to this message

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            DaveTrayers Level 1

            I think this issue is related to the audio conforming PPr does for spanned clips.


            I shoot with a XF100, so this may be different for you, but I have two suggestions.


            First, try to use the Canon XF utility to make ONE SINGLE .mxf of the spanned clips.  When you open the card in the utility, each clip (spanned or not) shows in the preview pane.  Pick one, then under the "Edit..." menu you can save it as one .mxf file.  Do this for all the clips on the card.  You can also take the opportunity to give them meaningful names. Import that file(s) into PPr and edit normally.


            Another suggestion is DON'T copy the folder structure of the card to your working drive.  Instead, copy just the .mxf files.  Ignore the .cif, .sif, .thm, .xml, etc. Don't copy the JOURNAL folder. You can preserve the "CLIPSxxx" folders, just discard all the files except the .mxf files.  Import this into PPr (viewing as a file directory).  Yes, you will have to arrange the clips manually, but I just move the first clip to the time line in the correct position, then highlight the rest and drag them into place after the first. 


            WIth either method, PPr should not try to conform the audio, it will just generate the .pek file for the audio waveforms.


            If you use the second method, you do have to be careful not to inadvertently grab a clip at the start or end and change the in/out point of the clip.  Personally, I use the first method as it gives me a backup of the video.  I copy the card to my computer verbatim, then make the single .mxf file to a work drive.  When the project is done, I archive the big .mxf file and discard the card structure.


            Since adopting this method I have not had a single issue.





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              Stephen_Spider Level 3

              You are running the 6.03 update, right? Our cannon xf 100 footage has been rock solid since we installed 6.03. And we have done many, many hours worth of work and used spanned clips of multiple resolutions and bit rates.


              "Yes the files and folder structures were copied properly." .... That means copying the entire CONTENTS folder, right?


              Sorry for covering basic stuff, but that ussually is the culprit. Next thing that I would try is resetting the camera if someone may changed the defualt meta-scribing in the camera's menu. I'm mean stuff beyond date and time.

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                BigBrennan Level 1

                I really appreciate all the responses.


                I'm on 6.02 right now, when I check for updates Premiere says it's up to date.


                Yes, I copied the entire contents folder off the card.  Also used multiple C300s and I've gotten the same errors from every camera.  I've racked my brain trying to narrow it down to what the issue could be, it's strange that it's happening on multiple machines, windows and mac, multiple cameras.  I see there are other people having similar issues, there just doesn't appear to be any rhyme or reason to it.

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                  Jim_Simon Level 8

                  Mac is on 6.0.2, but Windows is up to 6.0.3.

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                    Stephen_Spider Level 3

                    Go through Adobe support. They may let you use a CS5.5 licence if they can't make CS6 work with the C300. I know I was headed that way before they put out the update that fixed the XFcodec(on most systems).


                    Has a C300 bug been recognized? I assumed it was the same implementation of the XF codec as the XF300 & XF100. Does the C300 record PCM audio? Does this issue happen at all quality/ resolution presets?


                    CS5 didn't recognize spanned clips or Cannon XF folder structure either, however the audio always stayed in sync. For Spanned clips I would just select all of the segments at once and dropped them on the new item button. This created a sequence that was a virtual spanned clip. This worked all but once, when a .mxf file from the middle of the spanned clip was damaged. The audio from that segment could not be recovered, and the following segments were out of sync. I chalked it up to bad media/flash card.


                    Cannons XF utility should be able to join the spanned segments for you. Good Luck.

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                      UlfLaursen Level 2

                      So far with 6.03 I have had no issues with XF100/300 footage, but if I had I would use the XF utill to prepare "ready" MXF files



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                        MiesW Level 1

                        Hey Dave,


                        I had issues in CS 6, so I went back to 5.5 where I had no issues. But I am interested in making a Single MXF of the spanned clips. You say "When you open the card in the Utility" , do you mean in the camera itself?

                        I would like have the spanned clips or multiple clips seen by Premiere as one. For instance, I have an interview that is 45 minutes and is divided into 13mxf files. Do you know if there is an easy way to make these into one file? On a mac or PC that is.



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                          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          >Trying to edit with XF media captured on a Canon C300


                          There is a utility program that came with your camera that is, according to a brief description I read, supposed to copy & join files from camera to hard drive

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                            Bill Engeler Level 2

                            As mentioned, you can use the Canon XF utility to make unspenned MXF clips.


                            1. After you open the utility, navigate to the folder with all the card's files. Ctl-A to select all.

                            2. Go to EDIT/EXPORT TO MXF. Select this.

                            3. In the ensuing window, choose MERGE EACH CLIP, then select a destination folder. The other options are optional.

                            4. Click EXPORT.


                            The long MXF files are now joined, and each can be moved as you like without regard to any folder structure. I use it for files from a XF300 and XF100 with PPro 6 with no problems.