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    Upgrade from CS3?




      I am a one man office and use different software for different projects (and probably never get really good at any of them).


      I purchased Abobe InDesign some time ago, and upgraded to CS3 when it became available. I really haven't had a need for an upgraded version in a while... until now. I was prepared to upgrade; but, it appears there is no upgrade path available from my present version.


      Am I just out of luck? For the amount of time I would use the software, it isn't worth the price of a new license. I still have the CS3 version on a backup system, and can do what I need to do from there if necessary. Or, I could compromise by moving to something less capable than CS6; but, for my present needs I can get by without all the features.


      I read another post here that discussed an offer that was made before the end of 2012. Maybe that was only in Europe. Or, maybe it was never sent to me.


      I know each software company must make money. I hope they understand, though, that in order to retain loyal program licensees, the program cost must be reasonable... especially to one-man-bands like me.


      Am I missing something, or am I just out of luck upgrading?





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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          You're out of luck if you want upgrade pricing. Adobe announced a year or so ago that upgrades would be limited to one version back beginning January 1, 2013.


          You may want to look into Creative Cloud. It's a bargain at 29.99/month and will include CS7 when it's released.


          Details here: http://bit.ly/WqroTc


          If all you need is page layout for print or pdf you could also look at Serif Plus (Windows only, AFAIK) or the open source (free) Scribus.



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            Jeff20132 Level 1

            Hi Bob,


            Thanks for your reply.


            I'm a packrat for information. I can't find information from Adobe regarding the policy; but, sometimes I think important information gets burried in emails that look more like sales advertisements. If I missed it... I guess it's my bad.


            I have been licensing software for my small business since 1983. I have current licenses for Autodesk products, Microsoft products, Adobe Acrobat Professional as well as programs that I haven't kept up on because I use the programs infrequently.


            I refuse to pay for software that I can't hold in my hand. Paying a monthly subscription fee for Cloud access (to the tune of about two or three times the old (relative) upgrade cost of a program like this is something that won't fly with me... I'll continue to run older OSs on backup machines just so I can continue to use the older program versions.


            Thanks for the recommendation of Serif Plus and Scribus. I'll definitely take a look.


            I do appreciate your input. I hope my point of view doesn't sound too backwards.



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              Joel Cherney Level 5

              My suggestion for people like you, who don't make enough from Creative Suite products to justify the outlay to stay current, is this: Use the one-month demo of any new CS version to get familiar with it and learn the new features. When a CSx job comes along, pay for Creative Cloud month-to-month. If your project doesn't net enough to make that work for you, then Scribus is your only obvious option.


              You might find Serif Plus and/or Scribus will meet your needs. But frankly, if InDesign CS3 does what you need, don't bother upgrading. It'll become a problem if you need to exchange files with someone who does make enough from CS products to justify staying current, but if this is not a predictable need for you - if you just make PDFs for print - then why stop using CS3?

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                Jeff20132 Level 1

                Hi Joel,


                Can you point me to where there is reference by Adobe to paying month-to-month? I may be interested in that option. I am not interested, though, in being locked in to a one year contract... even it if means getting the lower rate. It would just be a waste of resources.





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                  BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                  If you look at the link I posted earlier you can click on the Creative Cloud choice there. You can get intro pricing with an annual contract or pay more (I think it's $70) for a month to month choice.


                  I may have another way to help you though...Are you on Windows or Mac? If Windows send me a private message.