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    Pre-render w/ Multiprocessing Issue


      Hi, I just got a new laptop and I've been tweaking the mutliprocessing details in CS6.  Here's my current specs:


      i5-2450M dual core, threaded as quad core, 2.5 GHz

      6 GB RAM

      640 GB SATA Hard Drive

      Intel HD Graphics 3000 with 1696 MB


      I plan on adding an Nvidia GeForce and max the RAM at 16 GB in the future.


      Some days, I can use mutliprocessing no problem and it speeds up my renders.  However, it's not usually like this.  With multiprocessin on, I can only pre-render 2 frames.  When I try to play it back, by rendering about 30 frames 2 at at time, it won't play.  The pre-render works without multiprocessing, but pre-renders and renders are much slower.


      Has anyone ever seen this before, or know something I can try to counter it?