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    How do I change the duration of slides?


      I'm using PE11 and am making a picture slide show video.


      I'm attempting to edit the duration of my slides, but when I slide them manually on the screen (via split track) they all end up different lengths - some a perfect 5 seconds, others 1 second.  Is there a way to manually change these with typing in a number so that they're all consistent, rather than using the SLIDER ?



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          Welcome to the forum.


          The best way to set a constant Duration for Imported Still Images, is to do so, BEFORE you do the Import. Go to Edit>Preferences>General>Still Duration, and set it there. It might be easiest to just Delete the Imported Stills, and re-Import w/ desired Duration set.


          Otherwise, in Timeline View Mode/Expert Mode, you can first open the Info Panel, and then click+drag on the Head, or Tail of each Still, watching the Duration on the Info Panel, while dragging.


          Good luck,