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    Registering my ' Trial ' - what !!!!!!!!!!



      what is going on with Adobe ????

      I have just received a notification through the Adobe Application Manager, that I now need to register my TRIAL to my Adobe ID.

      This refers to my copy of Photoshop CS6 Extended, which is a FULL PURCHASE, not a trial. Paid for, and installed, AND registered !!!!!!!!!!

      If Adobe cannot sort this out for me, I will dump it, and go back to my installed CS5 Extended, as I NEVER had ANY ISSUES with it like I am having with CS6 !

      Not happy, Adobe software, and the registration process used to be rock solid, but this is just stupid. I have raised this issue on this forum before, but did not receive any clear answer.

      So, if someone from Adobe can assist me please, would be appreciated, if not, I will just dump it, I have too much to do to waste valuable time on this.