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    CS5 & RAM recognition

    John Dufton`

      Recently I installed PS CS5.1, upgrading from CS4.

      I thought CS5 automatically started in 64 bit mode. The problem is that it will not recognise more than 4.0 Gb Ram. I have 24 Gh installed which is recognise by the computer. Cannot find as how to check that it is in 32 or 64 bit modes.

      System -  MacPro 4,1. 2.66 Gh quad core intel processor.

      1: How do I find which bit mode it is in?

      2: If it is in 32 bit mode, how does one change it to 64 bit?

      3: If it is in 64 bit mode, why doesn't it recognise the 24 GB Ram &what solutions are available?

      Thanks for your help,