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    Want to import Edge animation as hover over link reaction, is there a good tutorial for this?

    buck mild

      Hey guys, I just got Edge Animate yesterday, and I understand most of the animation techniques since it's very similar to After Effects. However I am having trouble integrating it with Dreamweaver. So far I can publish is as an .html file and hotlink to it. What this does right now in a preview browser, I will click on the link connected to the EdgeAnimate.html file and it will open a new window, play the animation and that's it. (I know you can set images in the animation to thier own links as well, just don't have it set up yet)


      However, what I actually want to accomplish is to use these animations in my main dreamweaver website layout I am currently working on right now. As an example, let's say I have 4 link buttons in this crude layout:


      -Images             |              empty space                |

      -Videos             |              empty space                |

      -About              |              empty space                |

      -Contact            |              empty space                |


      When I hover over the links on the lefthand side, let's say the "Images" link, I'd like a short animation I made in Edge to play in the    | empty space |   part of my web layout. When I hover over the other links, I want the animation they trigger to be different. When I click on the link, it will take you to a different page.


      I hope this made sense and someone can lend me a hand, it will be greatly appreciated. I am pretty new to Dreamweaver so many of the code terms are a bit difficult to understand still.


      Thanks in advance!


      p.s. if there are video tutorials or something that already covers this, a link to that would be great.