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    How to copy and paste logging info/metadata in a custom schema

    Axiom Productions

      This question is in regard to using a custom schema not the standard metadata like "label". "tape name", "description", "comment", etc.


      When filling out logging information in project panel, i.e. filling out the "action", "character", "dialoge", etc/ columns is there a way to autofill other rows where the information is the same? For example, if I select the checkbox "script" under metadata display (brought up by clicking the top row in the project panel), and I am filling out the character column for a clip and I enter "Tom Hanks", is there a way to fill out the same column for other clips where I also want to type "Tom Hanks" without having to copy and paste or type it all over again? In final cut this can be done by just highlighting the clips with redundant logging infomation and right clicking under the column you want to auto complete. This will bring a list of all the different entries you've used for that column and when you click the one you want, it enters the information in that column for all the selected clips. Is there any similar function or workaround with Premiere?


      NOTE: The only way i have discovered to do this is by highlighting the clips in the project panel and then typing information in the metadata panel, but this only works for columns like "label". "tape name", "description", "comment", etc.