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    Harddrive Setup CS6 - 1 SSD, 2 Velociraptors, 1 1TB WD Caviar


      Hi guys,


      I've been doing a lot of research and I've been finding conflicting data on how to set up my harddrives for optimal workflow. I will be mostly using Premiere Pro and After Effects. My current computer is as follows


      i7 3770k Overclocked stable on water to 4.7ghz

      32 GB of Crucial Ballistix 1600 Cas 6 ddr3

      GTX 670 FTW+ edition (4gb of gddr5) (text file added)

      1 160GB Intel SSD - OS + Programs drive

      2 600GB WD Velociraptors

      1 1TB WD Caviar Black (7200 RPM)


      I will be shooting primarily with a 5d mk2 but I also have an hf200 that shoots AVCHD.


      Now I would love to Raid 0 the Velociraptors as I have the ability to store data externally. How should I set up my source media, previews, exports, media cache, and projects? Would I be better off using the drives separately? If I did have to bite the bullet and buy another drive, how would you then set it up and what would you recommend? Also, do I even need a pagefile if I have 32 GBs of quick ram?


      Thank you guys in advance for your insight, this has been driving me crazy.

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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          Here's what I'd do.


          C: 160GB - OS and Programs

          D: 600GB - Projects/Scratch

          E: 1TB - Media

          F: 600GB - Exports


          But, do get an external for backups.  With tapeless, we no longer have the tapes to go back to in the event of a hard drive failure.


          (And leave the pagefile alone.  It does no harm to let Windows manage it, but can cause issues if you don't change it right.)

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            JFPhoton Level 3

            .........though far from being as knowledgeable as  the actual experts here.......I believe for BEST performance, you would want to buy one more HDD to match the existing Caviar black. Then, setup as follows :


            "C"  SSD for OS, programs and Pagefile


            " D " 2 Velociraptors in onboard RAID 0 for all media and project files


            "E" 2 Caviars in onboard RAID 0 for all previews, all cache files and exports, ( as previews should NOT be used for exporting).


            In addition, an additional large HDD should serve as the home for your precious original source material, ( your "backup" ). These files would then be copied to  "D" for fastest performance during editing.


            The above setup has been recommended on this forum many times for those who seek better performance, without taking the more expensive,and even BETTER performing step of using a high quality,dedicated RAID card,( like Areca).