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    No Save option, only Save As available



      We are using pdf document signed by many people in IBM Content Manager.

      In Acrobat 7 we could incrementally sign and save the same document itself but

      after updating to Acrobat 8 or 9 after signing the pdf asks where to save the document..

      Is it possible to save the pdf incrementaly on the same document itself, after editing

      without the users having to do save as.

      Or is there any additional component available to add with Acrobat 9 or 10 to solve this issue

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          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          This is indeed a change that has been made for security reasons. Steve Madwin has talked about it a number of times, including here: http://forums.adobe.com/message/4781120

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            TijuA Level 1

            Thank you George for your reply.

            So I guess there's no way to save directly the pdf.We cannot go for the save As because in CM they usually import the document once and then others sign,save and forward for next person to sign.If each time they need to 'save As' in disk then they'll also have to import the new file again to CM and forward which is not practical.

            We thought of upgrading to Acrobat 9 because in Acrobat 7 it was possible for anyone to delete the signatures  and that was controlled in Acrobat 9. Is there any way we Could prevent signatures being deleted in Acrobat 7 itself. Certifying is an option but it works only if 1 person signs the document but as I said we have many people required to sign the same document.