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    Capture SD directly to AVC intra 100?

    Mike Noller


      does anybody know, if there is a way to cature sd composite footage via premiere directly to AVC intra 100?
      Maybe with matrox mxo2?

      I found out so far:

      Premiere can handel AVC intra 100 MXFOP1a natively, right?

      matrox mxo2 can upscale while caturing from SD4:3 composite to HD pillarbox.


      Can I than use a configuration like this to directly write AVC intra 100 MXFOP1a files from input?

      If not, does anybody know another not to expensive way to achieve this?
      Have to deliver a bunch of old archive material in AVC intra 100 MXFOP1a to a costumer.


      Many thanks for any help.