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    "device error" at 99% burning bluray content to Phantom burner - any ideas? DVD works


      Im am currently investigating PrE 11 after having PrE 5 and leaving out PrE 9 due.

      PrE 11 is almost a pleasure to use, but I consistantly fail in checking bluray support.


      One major lack of PrE 11 is that it does not allow to burn blurays to disk, wheras this option is available for AVCHD and for DVD - Adobe: why the hell did you do this?


      So - I downloaded the Phantom Burner which perfectly runs for DVD and AVCHD burning.


      But when I "burn" a bluray on the phantom burner, it consistently fails with "device error" at 99%.


      I included menues and removed them just to be sure whether this is the cause.


      But: I can burn exactly the same footage as AVCHD in to folders as well as into a disc with phantom burner. Always in 50i 1920x1080.


      The only problem exists with bluray - so I am in a deadlock - I cannot test bluray support.


      Any ideas?


      System: Windows 7 Enterprise, 64 Bit, PrE 11 Trial.