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    AVCHD menus not playing correctly


      I am currently evaluating PrE 11 as trial. I created content (1920x1080 from DSLR) with menu and burned it via AVCHD to disk and filesystem - both just to be sure.

      When I try to play the content with different software players none of them really is able to play the menus correctly.


      XBMC plays the menu content like a video, repeating all 10 secs, no chance to select something.


      Not much better in VLC.


      AVCHD based menus seem to end up as crap.


      Any ideas? Any experience? Does it work better with bluray?


      Windows 7, Enterprise 64 Bit.


      Thanks for any help or suggestions.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          What model of camcorder is your original coming from and what format and resolution is it?


          When you go under Premiere Elements' Edit/Project Settings, which settings are listed?


          How fast is your processor and how much RAM do you have?

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            micromambo Level 1

            Footage comes from a Nikon D7000, 23.976 fps, 1920x1080.

            Processor is Core-i7, 8 GB RAM.

            Plenty enough power to run the system.


            Everything is rendered fine by PrE 11 - but is AVCHD menu a real option is this something which is not really suppported by the standards at all?

            That's why I wanted to check blu ray menus - but see my other thread - blu ray burning cannot be tested for me.


            So - someone out there with working AVCHD menus?

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              micromambo Level 1

              Hi all,


              I have more information now to add. After setting up a new project and minimalizing it (just 2 scenes, a menu and 3 menu markers) I successfully could create dics (and folders) with: DVD, AVCHD and BluRay.


              And again: the menus in DVD play well, you can navigate and select.


              For AVCHD and BluRay the menu is problematic:


              VLC: does show the menu when you explicitly "Open Media", select the drive and then expicitly tell VLC to use menus. But: you get stuck in the menu. No chance to navigate, no chance to start the main film.


              XBMC: does play the main track, then the 2 menu "*.mts" files simply like a video, 13 secs long. Totally useless.


              Free "DAPlayer" Bluray software player does not seem to see a menu or just ignores it.


              So my simple question: anyone out there who can prove that AVCHD or BluRay menus do really work as expected when generated with PrE 11? If yes - what was the combination of steps and media and what was the player to prove it with?


              I am now downloading PowerDVD trial to see how this works out.



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                micromambo Level 1

                Okay, after PowerDVD did not allow me to run (trial expired directly after downloading it...) I checked Corel WinDVD 11.

                Perfect! Menus play with Bluray and with AVCHD on DVD.


                So - Call can be fixed.



                Not a trivial thing to show AVCHD and Bluray menus with software players.


                XBMC (12.0 RC) as well as VLC do no correctly play menus, DAPlayer seems to not support BluRay menus at all.


                But PrE 11 does obviously a correct job. Fine.