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    How to find error in code?

    AMPO webdesign&multimedia
      I am working on a pretty huge Flex 2.0 project, which consists of multiple AS and MXML files (about 50 by now). Let's say I make some changes in a few of these files, then I hit Ctrl+F11 to run the project (or F11 alone to debug it) and I get a dialog saying "Errors exist in required project(s): myProjectName. Continue launch?"

      Surely I don't want to launch when I have errors in my code, but my question is HOW CAN I FIND THE ERRORS? I know about the red error indicators near the vertical slider when I display the code. But what if I have 50 of such files? Do I have to open every one of them to search for the error? Or is there some "Find next error in code" feature in Flex Builder, that I don't know about yet?

      I appreciate your help.